Safety information 2018-2019

The administration at Watson B. Duncan Middle wants you to know we put campus and student safety first. We want our students to feel safe while on campus and to know that their administration, teachers and staff are working together to ensure that safety. With these measures in place, we feel students will have an even better opportunity to learn and grow both emotionally, socially and academically in order to reach their full potential.

We have instituted a clear backpack policy for the upcoming school year.  We feel this will add an additional layer of security to our safety precautions.  This policy came to fruition at the request of the Student Government Association.  It is permissible for students to use a small bag inside the backpack for personal items.

Some of the other measures that are in place at this time include the following:

Single point of entry with a sign in prior to visitors being admitted or buzzed in to our campus (ID required for visitors)

School Police and Police aid presence with regular campus security sweeps.

Higher fences installed around the perimeter of the School.

Additional security cameras installed.

Additional card reader access at perimeter gates for staff.

Staggered Dismissal at the end of the day.

Student rules include:

Grade level and lanyard and ID should be worn at ALL times while on campus.

Cell phone use and headphone use are NOT allowed in the hallway to ensure students are aware of their surroundings.

Hoods may not be up at any time in the hallways.

Social media posts are prohibited while on campus.

Students should be aware if they do choose to post anything resembling a threat to our school (on or off campus) including gestures, statements etc. that students will be reported and consequences issued by the school and law enforcement.

Students are not allowed to leave class without teacher permission and must have a visible hall pass.

We have a Ten/Ten rule that students should remain in class for the first and last ten minutes of class.

Students should be sure if they “see something to say something!”

The Duncan Team is excited about the upcoming school year and making it a positive experience for all as we work together to keep our campus safe and keep our focus on student achievement!

Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns to Mary Raiford, Assistant Principal

Email or call: 561-776-3507.